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There’s a thin line separating ordinary from the extraordinary, and only a few have the courage to cross that line into a world of glory.

Son Doong Cave is considered to be one of the few on Earth that has its own jungle, river and climate. This was described by the National Geographic team as one of the most captivating caves of the world.

“The Oxalis home, situated on the banks of the Son river, tempted us with its scenic location, and its proximity to adventure. The lure of the limestone mountains, the winding river, and a mysterious cave system was indeed too strong..”

“Founded in Phong Nha, Quang Binh back in 2011, Oxalis Adventures is believed to be the leader of adventure tours in the area and an enthusiastic supporter of the local community. 2016/2017 was a momentous adventure season for Oxalis.”

“I love adventure, I’ve been looking for an adventurous job, a new challenging chapter of my life, something that motivates me every single day, and Oxalis is the one”. H’Anetta has successfully overcome many of her earlier difficulties. She has proved herself, and now holds a senior guide position.

Phong Nha is a welcoming little town, set amongst stunning landscapes. Majestic limestone mountains offer a backdrop to scenic roads and a river of green. Friendly hotels, hostels and homestays await you. “

“I trained as much as I could. Rock climbing and many hikes. I spent months preparing with essentials I would need incase something went wrong. With this expedition, I knew we would be wet for 3 days and semi dry for 2 days. I also knew the only light we would have is our headlamps…”

“During the trip you are cut off from civilization. No phone. No social media. No email. No news of the outside world. No nothing. This is life as it once was before communications invaded every part of our existence. Instead, on the breaks between hikes, between …”