Phong Nha Accommodation Guide

When you think of travelling to Phong Nha, you definitely want to spend your time in an accommodation that accentuates your overall travel experience by bringing you closer to the symphony of traditions, food, people and nature.

As you arrive in Phong Nha and look for a place to stay, you’ll be amazed to see the huge range of options to choose from. You can choose your accommodation to be a hostel where you can just kick back, or a homestay where you feel like part of a local family, or a hotel that treats you with the kind of luxury you need, or even a rustic resort accommodation which gives you the authentic Phong Nha travel experience.

Phong Nha travel is indeed special in this regard, as the accommodations here will make sure you have an experience so extraordinary that it makes you want to leave everything behind and spend the rest of your life here in the Adventure Capital of Asia.

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Please be aware that all suggested accommodations (except Oxalis Home & Chay Lap Farmstay) operate entirely independently of Oxalis Adventure. The honest information is given in good faith, and Oxalis Adventure accepts no responsibility for the service provided by any other company.

Farmstay & Resorts in Phong Nha

Rustic farmstays & resorts in Phong Nha are not just accommodations, they’re a different experience altogether! Here, you get to soak yourselves in the warmth of Mother Nature and get closer to the culture, while enjoying the luxurious vibe of a resort. Some of these resorts are located slightly away from the town, to make sure you get the most peaceful experience out of it. Let’s imagine relaxing on a pool-side hammock, surrounded by fields and ethnic villages, with a beer in hand as you watch the sunset; the rustic resort accommodations in Phong Nha make this a reality.

You’ll fall in love with the beauty that envelopes these beautiful accommodations in Phong Nha. The most amazing rustic resorts in Phong Nha are Chay Lap Farmstay & Resort, Nguyen Shack – Phong Nha Eco Resort and Phong Nha lakehouse resort. The prices at rustic resorts are usually higher than that of hostels, homestays and hotels; however, the rates are quite reasonable and absolutely worth it.

Hotels in Phong Nha

For many people, a hotel is the first thought that comes to mind when thinking of an accommodation while travelling and rightly so!

The hotels in Phong Nha are one of a kind and will give you the perfect taste of luxury and let you sink in the traditional colors; their prices are slightly higher than that of the hostels & homestay. Great news is, the way some of these hotels are designed and located, you’ll be very close to nature and can relax peacefully.

The top hotels in Phong Nha are Oxalis Home, Son Doong Bungalow and Victory road villas. These hotels will give you the best views to wake up to, along with unmatched comfort, professional staff, lip smacking delicious food and fun activities like kayaking!

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Hostels in Phong Nha

Hostels are a great accommodation option if you’re travelling with friends! Hostels in Phong Nha are known to have a really lively atmosphere and you’re always sure to find travellers with incredible and inspiring stories.

You’ll easily find travellers here from different walks of life and also you’ll also receive a lot of information about Phong Nha, places to visit and things to do. Great thing is, the food and beer is always cheap and the staff at the hostels of Phong Nha is known to be the friendliest.

The most popular hostels in Phong Nha are Phong Nha Central Backpackers, Gecko, Shambalaa and Mango Hostel. All these hostels have a wonderful reputation for giving the customers a special and fun accommodation experience; moreover, they are very reasonably priced and easy going.

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Homestays in Phong Nha

It’s normal to feel homesick every now and then if you’ve been in your wander boots for long, this is where homestays step in and make your journey beautiful when you’re away from home.

Homestays in Phong Nha are extremely popular for their ability to make you feel at home and feel like you have your own cute little family in Vietnam. You’ll get a great insight about the simplistic lifestyle of the Phong Nha locals, as you’ll be spending a lot of time with the local family hosting you.

Almost all the homestays are very affordably priced. The best homestays in Phong Nha are Sy’s Homestay, Thao Nguyen Homestay, Phong Nha Mountain House, Tuan Garden House and Song Que Homestay. These homestays will let you be a part of the family dinners, share stories and laughter.

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