The best overnight camping adventures to take in Phong Nha

Planning how to spend your next holiday? Come take a trip to the ‘Adventure capital of Asia’ – Phong Nha and experience the best overnight camping tours in Vietnam!

Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park, in the Quang Binh province of Vietnam is a treasured paradise of Vietnam and is blessed with the most beautiful scenery, vibrant local culture and the largest and most extraordinary caves on planet Earth.

Asia’s biggest adventure tour operator, Oxalis Adventure, is based right here and aims to bring the world closer to the natural magic that Phong Nha holds within. Considering the fact that spending just a day exploring the jungles and caves of Phong Nha doesn’t do justice to the immense beauty here, Oxalis conducts the most amazing overnight camping tours in Phong Nha, Vietnam and Asia.

Camping tours in Phong Nha will give you a one of a kind camping experience, as you’d be surrounded by huge limestone mountains, rivers and pristine jungle. On some special Phong Nha camping tours, you even get to camp inside the cave!

Excited to know more? Here’s a list of the best camping tours in Phong Nha:

2-Day Camping Tours in Phong Nha


Hang En Cave is the world’s 3rd largest cave and is one of the must-see natural wonders in the world. Its size will blow you away, and you’ll spend your night camping within the cave beside a lazy river! When it comes to Phong Nha camping tours, camping inside the world’s third largest cave is what made this tour a game-changer.

On your Hang En Cave Adventure panning over 2 days and 1 night, you will surely have the most surreal camping experience of your life as you’d camp on the sandy banks inside this mammoth caves overlooking a huge blue pool, where you can swim and unwind. This camping experience is truly special as you sleep in the womb of a huge and mysterious cave, surrounded by sounds unknown, yet serene.

On this tour you’ll also get to closely examine fascinating fossils in one part of the cave that are over 300 million year old! A stop in the ethnic minority Ban Doong Village, set amongst the limestone mountains is a highlight for many, not to mention the pristine jungle, many river crossings, and a jovial porter team, made up of local jungle men!


The stalactites and stalagmites in the Hang Va cave are extraordinarily beautiful and the other cave formations are some of the rarest ever seen on Earth. This cave was found in 2012 and to be one of the people who put human steps here, you will have to hike, stoop through the entrance, use ropes and cross some rivers including the ones inside the cave.

This overnight caving tour of Hang Va is known as the Hang Va Expedition. This journey of 2 days and 1 night in the jungles of the Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park will blow your mind and have you camp in the immaculate jungle very near the Hang Va cave’s entrance! What makes this camping experience truly extraordinary is how you’ll be engulfed in the mystical vibes of the wilderness and be a neighbor to the gorgeous cave. The cozy and comfortable tents provided to you by Oxalis Adventure will surely accentuate the overall experience.


This camping tour operated in Hang Tien cave, Tu Lan cave system, just an hour and a half drive from Phong Nha is a great combination of jungle trekking, caving, and outdoor camping adventure. As the largest cave in Tu Lan cave system, Hang Tien is famed for its enormous size and spectacular formations.

On the Hang Tien Endeavour of 2 days and 1 night, you will go into depths of Vietnamese jungle where the lost world of ancient rock configurations can be found dripping from the ceilings, and spend a night camping under a net of a thousand stars; this is truly a unique chance to enjoy the real wilderness of Vietnam. This night of camping out in the wild will be the one of the most memorable camping experiences of your life.

This overnight camping tour in Hang Tien Cave will surely give you a new perspective towards the splendors of nature of Phong Nha region.

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This overnight tour offers a glimpse into the amazing beauty of the Tu Lan cave system area: caves, karst mountains, jungle, and waterfalls; just 70km away from Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park. It is an opportunity to escape civilization and go deep into the rugged and untouched nature of Vietnam for two-days and one-night out in the wild depths of Phong Nha region.

This Phong Nha camping tour is perfect if you are short on time but still want a solid taste of adventure. You will enjoy exploring magnificent caves of Tu Lan cave system and you’ll also be trekking over 12 km through jungle terrain covered over the two days and plenty of swimming! Once the day’s adventures are over get ready for a night in the jungle at the amazing Tu Lan campsite located by a beautiful waterfall. This is one of the most special campsites of Oxalis Adventure; as camping next to an ebullient waterfall isn’t something you get to experience very often in life. You can enjoy the waterfall, swim and be back to your comfortable tent for a good night’s sleep with the music of nature!

With climbing, trekking, and swimming through river caves, this camping tour in Phong Nha will surely be a highlight of your travels in Vietnam.

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3-Day Camping Tours in Phong Nha


The Hang Tien Exploration pans out over 3 days and 2 nights and this exhilarating tropical jungle trekking and remarkable cave exploration camping tour in Tu Lan cave system, 70km away from Phong Nha will excite you at every step of the journey.

On this adventure, you will trek through the world-class, legendary jungle of the Tu Lan cave system and explore extraordinary caves, including Hang Tien cave– famed for its vast size and extraordinary formations.

An amazing part of this camping tour is the fact that you’ll get to camp at two richly different campsites that offer you a picturesque wake-up call, and a magical night scene for your dreams. Imagine sleeping under a starry blanket as the sounds of nature take over your heart’s playlist, away from civilization and the bustling chaos of city life; there lie your wonderful campsites on this incredible adventure!

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This adventure camping tour in Tu Lan cave system, not so far from Phong Nha offers the perfect balance between trekking, caving, climbing, squeezing and swimming, combined with enough time to enjoy two spectacular campsites over three-days and two-nights! The two breathtaking campsites on this adventure will have you thriving on the true essence of adventure as you spend your nights deep in the wild and find synergy with the creatures and natural wonders around you.

This three-day trekking and caving camping tour includes the very best wild caves of the Phong Nha region and it is a challenging experience as you’ll see many caves and go deeper into the jungle!

Get ready for the adventure of a lifetime and one of the most talked about adventure experiences in Vietnam!

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4-Day Camping Tours in Phong Nha


The best camping tour of Phong Nha ever is Son Doong Expedition. This incredible camping expedition tour to camp inside the world’s largest cave in Phong Nha is what adventure dreams are made of!

This is the biggest of all camping tours in Phong Nha and this journey to the wild, and you will explore the entire length of Son Doong Cave, Hang En Cave, and visit Ban Doong ethnic minority village.

Son Doong Cave is a masterpiece of nature with otherworldly landscapes, enormous stalagmites and statuesque stalactites – hanging from the ceiling and rising from the ground like an alien species. The real jungle inside the cave will amaze you in every way, while misty clouds envelope the scene. You’ll be camping inside the caves and be treated to three mesmerizing campsites of Hang En Cave & Hang Son Doong.

The Son Doong Expedition is considered to be one of the most life defining adventures in the whole world. A journey into the supernatural world of Son Doong will make you feel lucky to be a part of such a flawless creation. It’s unlike any other adventure tour, it’s a once in a lifetime experience.

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As one of the best camping tours in Tu Lan Cave System & Phong Nha, the Tu Lan Expedition is a skill-based caving adventure, provides a highly informative insight into this unique caving region, home to the most spectacular caves and jungle of Vietnam!

On this tough jungle and cave trek, there is plenty to keep your heart racing with some dark cave exploring, climbing and a lot of swimming through the caves. You will also explore extraordinary caves, including Hang Tien Cave – famed for its vastness and magnificent formations. The secluded jungle campsites are spectacular and mostly different from those visited on shorter camping tours in Phong Nha.

Within 4 days and 3 nights in the wild, the Tu Lan Expedition will take you to almost all of the explored caves and jungle in Tu Lan region and will certainly be a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

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On a general note, the camping tours in Phong Nha are considered to be some of the best in the world and you would be having the time of your life on all the above mentioned Phong Nha camping tours, conducted by Oxalis Adventure. If you’re having trouble choosing out the most suitable tour for yourself, check out How to select the right Oxalis tours!

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