Easy Tiger: Not just another hostel

If you’re looking for a great accommodation in Phong Nha, the Easy Tiger hostel here is unlike any other hostel you would’ve stayed at; it’s a special homely world in itself. Back in 2013, Easy Tiger became the first ever hostel accommodation to open in the Son Trach village. This made Easy Tiger hostel the pioneer of hostel style accommodation in the local area. This is surely one of the best hostels in Phong Nha.

Easy Tiger hostel offers plenty of rooms, with choices in dorms, a tour desk, swimming pool, bar, restaurant, ping pong table, pool table, hammock house and information area. This place is quite huge as a hostel, offering numerous spots to just plug in your headphones, lay back and relax or simply chill out with your friends.

Ideally located in downtown Phong Nha, Easy Tiger hostel aims to give travellers a sense of belongingness to this region of Vietnam, all while leaving them with uncountable memories during their stay at this wonderful hostel.

Accommodation at Easy Tiger Hostel

Comfortable dorm rooms

Easy Tiger hostel offers guests dorm style accommodation, with a choice between twenty one ‘4-bed dorms’, two ‘double bed dorms’ and two ‘6-bed dorms’. All these dorms are equipped with AC and have adjoined private bathrooms as well. All the beds are quite large and comfortable for a good night’s sleep, after a day of adventures in the Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park. Mosquito nets, individual reading lights, power sockets and warm blankets to feel cozy on the colder nights are also equipped on the beds. You’d be happy to know that you’d also be provided with lockers to store you valuables during your stay and receive a towel and a padlock as you check-in!

Booking and pricing

Easy Tiger hostel provides guests accommodation at a very reasonable price:

·     Single bed in 4 bed mixed dorm – VND 140,000 (USD 6.3)

·     Single bed in 6 bed mixed dorm – VND 140,000 (USD 6.3)

·     Double bed in double bed mixed dorm (max 4 people) – VND 280,000 (USD 12.5)

Making a booking at the Easy Tiger hostel is quite simple and convenient. Here are the ways to do it:

·     Email them to make a reservation – mail to: [email protected]

·     Book directly through their website


·     Several happy hours throughout the day

·     Easy Tiger hostel often has themes during the week and even during festivals with plenty of offers on food and drinks

Hostel features and facilities


Tour information talks

Easy Tiger hostel begins each day with a very detailed information talk at 9:00 AM for all the travelers staying there. During the information talk by one of Easy Tiger hostel’s managers, you’ll be told about all the tour options you can choose from and which ones would suit your itinerary best. The information talk usually ends with a Q&A session. You can even choose to make a tour booking directly through Easy Tiger hostel’s reception.

If you happen to miss Easy Tiger’s information talk in the morning, you can just walk up to the reception area of this hostel and ask for any information about Phong Nha that you’d require to plan your itinerary better.


Easy Tiger hostel restaurant is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, as their kitchen opens at 6:00 AM and remains open till 10:30 PM every day. On the food menu, you’d be happy to find a very wide range of dishes to choose from; the food is locally sourced and focuses on Western cuisines with a tinge of Vietnamese flavor!

Bar and other entertainment

Easy Tiger hostel has one of the coolest full service bars in Phong Nha. Draft beer, cocktails, mocktails and much more is served here. This hostel steals the show when it comes to entertainment in Phong Nha. Apart from great music always livening up the vibe, the hostel also has a house band that plays amazing live music 5-6 nights a week. You can also enjoy your time at the free pool tables and foosball tables or enjoy the live screening of a football match on a big screen. Overall, Easy Tiger is a very suitable spot to unwind, socialize, grab a bite, drink and just chill. All the bars in Phong Nha are very lively and will make sure you have a good time, but the Easy Tiger hostel’s bar has set the quality benchmark really high.

Swimming pool & mini gym

Easy Tiger has a lovely swimming pool for those lazy sunny days. While the water level is shallow, it’s perfectly deep enough for you to enjoy and relax. The swimming pool undergoes regular cleaning to maintain the hygiene during all times.

Next to the pool, there’s also a tiny area for you to get some exercise. Equipped with a bar for some calisthenics, a bench and some weights, you can surely get your morning exercise done here.

Hammock house

Right opposite the swimming pool, you’ll find a shack with plenty of hammocks hanging around. This is a part of the Easy Tiger hostel where you can lay back, read, take a nap or just hang out with your buddies.

Staffs at Easy Tiger

From the moment you enter Easy Tiger hostel, though your stay and till the time of your departure, you’ll be surrounded by really friendly and helpful staff. The staff here is quite diversified with a well balanced mix between local people from Phong Nha and foreign nationals of different countries. The staff is well trained in English communication, hospitality and the entire staff lives and works in complete harmony, despite varied backgrounds and cultures.

Why choose Easy Tiger hostel

If you’re looking for a wonderful accommodation in Phong Nha, at a very affordable price and one that has a vibrant ambience, Easy Tiger hostel is the place to be! This is not just another hostel. Everything they offer as a hostel accommodation is beyond amazing and the reasonable price tag surely is the icing on the cake. This hostel is not just a place to sleep, eat and drink; it will also bring you closer to the spirit of travelling and make you fall in love with Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park.

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