Tu Lan Adventure Race 2018

The most-wanted adventure race of 2018 – Tu Lan Adventure Race is about to begin. From the success of the last seasons, Tu Lan Adventure Race proudly to own one of the most thrilling, distinctive itinerary in Vietnam; racing through routes with rough terrains of Tu Lan Cave System; together with cave exploration & local community support.

With more innovative itinerary in 2018, this year’s Tu Lan Adventure Race is expected to have more challenging encounters compared to previous seasons, requiring teams to have a more enhanced preparation, to complete the missions & achieve the final winning. Participants will be taking part in different activities such as upstream wooden boat racing; thick jungle trekking, river cave swimming, rock & mountain climbing in the marvelous world of Tu Lan Cave System.

Along with the criteria of creating an excellent playground for adventurers, Tu Lan Adventure Race is promised to support local community by building floating houses & commune’s library for residents of Tan Hoa commune, Quang Binh this year.

General information

Tu Lan Adventure Race 2018 is an adventurous competition between 100 participants of 10 different teams; will be scored on the performance of each team day by day.

The first racing day named Rao Nan Voyage, teams will take part in the 10-km upstream wooden boat racing on Rao Nan River. This is a tough journey for everyone since they will have to carry the boats sometimes through shallow parts of the river or to prevent sharp rocks damage the boats.

The second racing day named Tu Lan Conquest will take participants into the journey into wildlife of Tu Lan Cave Systems. Teams together will be trekking through jungles, crossing rivers, climbing mountain and cave swimming with a total distance of 17km. Gala dinner will be organized at night to present the winners.

On the very last day of the program, teams will join with the organizer to hand over the floating houses and commune library for residents of Tan Hoa, Quang Binh which were built by the program’s fund.


From March 31st, 2018 to April 3rd, 2018

Target Participants

Anyone (either Vietnamese or foreigner) who is 18 years old or above; has great passion for adventurous outdoor activities & cave exploration are welcome to join

Conditions of registration

It is required for each team to have 10 members and must be in a group to be qualified for registration. Companies can register for their staffs in a group of ten people and name the group. The organizer does not accept individual registration.

Priority conditions (internal-processed booking):

Donate the fund of two floating houses/each team (VND 30,000,000/house) for the organizer before the release date of registration system. Only 5 teams allowed using priority booking.

Registration information

Each team will need to gather member’s information (name, gender, DOB, ID number), leader’s name, contact number of leader & team’s name; book directly on website https://oxalis.com.vn/tu-lan-adventure-race-2018/. The booking system will go live at 8AM December 10th, 2018 and will be automatically closed as soon as 10 teams have successfully registered.

Entry fee

Entry fee is 70,000,000 VND/group of ten people. The entry fee includes:

  • Tax, environmental fee, related fees & public insurance during the program
  • Support team & medic team throughout the program
  • Camping gear (tents, mattresses, sleeping bags, pillows)
  • Logistics from Phong Nha to Tan Hoa (for the first day) & Tan Hoa back to Phong Nha (for the last day)
  • Meals throughout the program (dinner day 1,2,3; breakfast day 2,3,4; lunch day 2,3,4)
  • Donation to the funds of the floating house & the commune library for residents of Tan Hoa , Quang Binh.


Be ready for the most thrilling race of 2018. Train hard, build strong spirit to overcome your own limits!

Special note: One of the main purposes of the program is to raise funds to support struggling local community to build floating houses, to save lives and minimize human & material damage. In particularly, Tu Lan Adventure Race 2018 raises funds to build three floating houses & a commune library for residents of Tan Hoa commune, Minh Hoa District, Quang Binh. Participants may donate books and send them to the organizers on the first day of the program.

Detailed Program

Each team needs to create a Facebook Group with the group named: “Group Name” – Tu Lan Adventure Race 2018. It is required to use the official cover photo provided by organizers. All of the content including texts, graphics must be related to the race, the group & its surrounding activities. There will be Media Prizes for the top quality group (calculated by the followers) 

  • The team has the highest amount of members
  • The team has the highest amount of “Likes” /”Reactions” on specific posts in the group page on Facebook

(see next tabs for detailed schedule and activities of each day)


The entire team member needs to be at Gathering Point in Phong Nha (Phong Nha bus station) before 3 PM of the 31st March, 2018 for attendance check before transferring to Tan Hoa for safety briefing. There will be no mission today, teams will have chance to enjoy the fresh atmosphere and peaceful life of countryside.

Right after the teams arrive at Oxalis Tan Hoa Office, the organizers will announce the race’s regulations & rules; along with answering the teams’ questions. Team will introduce themselves to understand more about each other.

Teams will then have dinner & spend their first night at assigned local residents’ house.

Notice: late show-up teams might be have the points deducted

Oxalis will provide:

  • Transportation: Bus from Phong Nha to Tan Hoa
  • Necessary information related to logistics
  • Meals & accommodations at local resident’s house
  • Documents & related necessary information to assure all team members understand the rules & regulations of the program.


Teams need to prepare:

  • Teams need to prepare their own transportation to the Gathering Point in Phong Nha
  • Teams need to prepare their own personal belongings for the race before arriving at the Gathering Point in Phong Nha.


In this day, all team members will start the program at the Starting Point – Oxalis Tan Hoa Office. Teams will be given two wooden boats each starting from Oxalis Tan Hoa office to the destination of Kim Bang Bridge. Today’s challenge will be a 10-km-upstream-racing by boats; teams will also need to carry the boat through shallow part to avoid damaging the boats. With this mission, teamwork spirit is the top decisive factor. After the race, teams will have time to adore the rustic beauty of Tan Hoa & enjoy the dinner feasts prepared at local resident’s house.


  • 07:00 Breakfast
  • 08:45  Team gathering in front of Oxalis Tan Hoa office to received packed lunches
  • 09:00 Rules & regulations briefing of Rao Nan Voyage day
  • 11:00 Wooden boat upstream racing starting from Oxalis Tan Hoa office to the destination at Kim Bang Bridge
  • 17:00 Gather at Oxalis Tan Hoa office for campsite
  • 18:00 Teams will find their assigned local house for dinner
  • 19:00 Free time around campsite


Oxalis will provide:

  • Camping gear: tents, sleeping bags, mattresses, pillow (each team will be provided 5 tents including 3 doubled-tents & 2 trippled-tents)
  • Two wooden boats each team (with 10 paddles, 4 water scoops)
  • Life-vest for all participants
  • One waterproof dry-box on boat
  • One first-aid kit on boat
  • Secure storage facility for valuable belongings
  • Rescue team along the race
  • Water-supply stopovers along the race
  • Dinners at local houses


Participants need to prepare:

  • Bottles of water (Oxalis will provide water along the race)
  • Personal items: mosquito repellent, hats, sunglasses, toiletries etc.


Today’s race will be longer, more challenging & dangerous than the previous day. During the race, participants will not only racing to achieve final winning but also have the chance to experience the marvelous beauty of jungle & cave of Tu Lan Cave System. These will help in overcoming the fears & challenges of ‘Tu Lan Conquest’ day.


  • 06:30 Breakfast at campsite
  • 07:30 Rules & regulations briefing of Tu Lan Conquest day
  • 08:00 Start the race of trekking, caving, mountain climbing, cave swimming. Each team departs 5 minute apart. Total distance of 17km including 300m cave swimming, 7km village road trekking, 10km jungle & mountain trekking; 3 slopes with elevation change up to 200m; 4 mountain climbing)
  • 17:00 Teams need to arrive at Oxalis Tan Hoa office (absent team will be eliminated)
  • 18:30 Gala Dinner & Prizes presenting. Spend the night at Oxalis Tan Hoa campsite


Oxalis will provide

  • Breakfast at campsite
  • Packed lunches for team handout in the morning (teams will carry by themselves)
  • Gala dinner
  • Rescue team along the race
  • Water-supply stopovers along the race
  • One walkie-talkie for each team in case of emergency
  • Caving gear & safety equipment: helmets, headlights, gloves
  • Camping gear: campsite, tents, mattresses, pillows, sleeping bags (5 tents each team including 3 doubled tents, 2 tripled tents)


Participants need to prepare:

  • 1 long (easy to dry) pants and one long-sleeved shirt to wear during the race (can be purchased at Oxalis shop)
  • 1 trekking boots
  • 1-2 pairs of calf length densely woven socks (not ankle socks)
  • 1 bottle of water
  • Personal items: mosquito repellent, sunglasses, hats, toiletries..
  • Snacks (optional)


The last day of the race is the time for community support. After breakfast, teams will hand over the floating houses & commune library for local residents of Tan Hoa; enjoy the view before heading back to Phong Nha in the afternoon.


  • 06:30 Breakfast at campsite
  • 08:00 Hand over floating houses & commune library for Tan Hoa residents
  • 10:00 Enjoy the landscapes
  • 11:00 Lunch at local restaurants
  • 12:30 Transfer back to Phong Nha
  • 14:30 End of Tu Lan Adventure Race 2018 program.


Oxalis will provide:

  • Breakfast at campsite
  • Lunch at local restaurant
  • Transportation from Tan Hoa back to Phong Nha
  • Constructions of floating houses, commune library


Teams need to prepare

  • Personal items: sunglasses, hat, camera..

Main Prizes

To be updated

Notice: The Prize is not redeemable for Cash

Program’s Rules & Regulations

All participants need to follow the designated program’s rules & regulations

Rules/Regulations of the race


  • Successfully registered teams need to create a new Facebook Group under the form: “Group Name” – Tu Lan Adventure Race 2018.
  • Group privacy is set at Public mode.
  • Use official cover photo of the program provided by the organizers
  • After creating the group, inform the organizers before inviting friends to join the group
  • Group posts content must cover the group activities, trainings, programs & attractions of Quang Binh. You are not allowed to post sensitive content, not related to the Tu Lan Adventure Race program.


 DAY 1 (March 31st, 2018)

  • Teams need to be in time at Gathering Point in Phong Nha before 3PM for attendance check.
  • Late show-up team may have the points deducted.


DAY 2 (April 1st, 2018)

  • Teams will be provided 2 wooden boats departing the same time. Both boats need to arrive at the destination before 5PM or the team will be eliminated from the next racing day. Scores will be calculated by performance of both boats. Each team member has to support each other to complete this mission; teams also need to carry the boat through shallow part to avoid damaging the boats.
  • The organizer will provide 2 boats along with 10 paddles & 4 water scoops; teams are not allowed to use different paddles; any loss or damaged equipment will be charged.
  • Support team will be your side along the race. However, participants are not allowed to have actions that might threat the safety of themselves or others during the program.


DAY 3 (April 2nd, 2018)

  • Each team will start departing 5 minutes apart. Departing order is arranged by the performance of the first boat-racing day (the last team arrive at the destination on the 1st April, 2018 will be the first to depart in day 3 and so on..)
  • Teams must follow the rules & regulations of the program; follow by the Support Team instruction to maintain the safety.
  • Keep track on markers along the way to avoid misplacement. Use the walkie-talkie to contact the organizers as soon as a problem occurs.


DAY 4 (April 3rd, 2018)

  • Teams follow the instruction of handing over floating houses & commune library for local community.
  • Show respects to the landlords & support team

Other rules/regulations

  • Only 10 people is allowed in one team. The organizer has the right to deny the extra team member in the program.
  • Eliminated teams can join in the program still without scores calculation.
  • Teams must have attentive awareness in environment protection throughout the race. Actions of tree, cave breaking, damaging is prohibited.
  • Respect local resident and local culture
  • Respect members in the team and other teams; please consider this would be a perfect opportunity to make friends & social relationships.
  • No littering thoughout the program
  • Be attentive; assure the safety for yourself & for everyone else.


Organizer has the right to remove any team (without refund) if organizer finds out they are do not uphold the conditions of participation.

Booking Conditions

Payment & program’s confirmation

Upon making your reservation our team will follow up within 2 working days via email with an invoice and link to our secure online payment provider OnePay. Please review your invoice and the payment link to ensure they match the services booked, and submit your payment.  You will have 5 days to make payment otherwise your reservation will be cancelled. You can make payment via Visa or MasterCard in Vietnamese Dong.


After completing the registration of Tu Lan Adventure Race 2018, if for any reason your team turned back while on the program or if you must quit the race, all tour costs will be forfeited without further compensation. Teams can change team members up to 3 people by March 15th, 2018. Any changes after this time will not be accepted.

Passport/ID card

All team members registered to join in Tu Lan Adventure Race 2018 must hold a valid passport and valid visa. It is your responsibility to obtain a current Vietnam visa. All passports and visas must be presented upon arrival at Oxalis Adventure Headquarters office. A photocopy will be made in our office and provided to local police for registration before accessing any area that we conduct the race.

Travel Insurance & Risks

The organizer highly recommend all team members to purchase a comprehensive travel insurance package covering medical treatment, natural disaster, personal accidents, guided-caving tours, medical evacuation, etc. You should understand that during the course of the race certain events may occur such as accident or illness in a remote location without medical facilities. You agree to assume all risks and hold the organizer blameless on all accounts of accident or illness.

Fitness requirements

All participants should be in good physical health before attempting Tu Lan Adventure Race 2018. It is vital that participants with pre-existing medical problems or conditions make these known to the organizer. If we discover that you have a medical condition which you have not disclosed to us (particularly a condition which would affect you on tour) or if you lie on your medical form in any manner, we reserve the right to cancel your tour without refund at any time. If your medical status changes at any time after you sign up, it is your responsibility to inform us immediately. Medical and evacuation expenses are the responsibility of the participant. It is important that you consult your doctor regarding vaccinations and other medical requirements before you depart. If you cannot complete any section of the tour due to lack of physical ability you will be turned around at your own cost.