Tu Lan Adventure Race 2016

Welcome to the most unique race in the Cave Kingdom of Vietnam! Tu Lan Adventure Race has come back and promises to bring harder challenges and completely new experiences with absolutely unforgettable moments in the wildest jungles of Vietnam.

This adventure-filled race combines racing along untamed rivers in a traditional Doc Moc boat, jungle trekking, climbing up/down hills, and swimming in underground cave rivers. You will not only have a chance to overcome yourself and challenge your limits, but you will also explore many incredible places in Tu Lan area and spend time with awesome people from Vietnam and abroad. Several magnificent destinations such as Rat Cave, Hung Ton Cave, Hung Ton valley are waiting for you ahead.

The main purpose of the race is creating a new playground for those who love challenges and exploring, love to join nature conservation activities, and want to provide community support. A percentage of all tickets will go towards the construction of floating houses, which will help poor households in Tan Hoa Village immensely during the flooding season.

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The whole program will be casted on di.VTV, part of VTV2

General information

Tu Lan Adventure Race 2016 is a competition of 100 people, who are divided into 10 teams. You will be judged each day on a number of challenges that you must complete including a boat race (many obstacles on the way) and finding various caves and other features within the region. The race will cover the total of 30 kilometers by both trails and rivers.

Who can join?

Anyone who is over 18 years old and loves outdoor activities and cave exploring. Vietnamese and foreigner participants are both welcome!

Conditions of registration?

Maximum 10 teams and 10 people per each team. You must be in a group to qualify for registration. Organizer will not accept individual registrations.

How to register?

Register directly on this page by filling all required information (includes: full name, gender, DoB, Nationality, ID/Passport #, phone/email contact of each member, also team leader name, team leader contact and team name). The registration system will be opened from 8:00 AM (GMT +7) on 17 November 2015 and closed as soon as there are 10 teams registered successfully.

Entry fee

Entry fee is 60,000,000 VND/team (10 people)

  • Entry fee includes VAT, environmental/entrance fees, and other things provided during the program.
  • Entry fee will be used to support 10 poor families in Tan Hoa to build floating houses in preparation for future flooding seasons.

Your entry fee includes porter team, camping gear (hammocks, mosquito net, sleeping bag), medical team at each station and campsite, public liability insurance, all entrance tickets and taxes, transport according to the itinerary, meals according to the itinerary, plus your support for the fund to build floating houses in Tan Hoa Village.


Let’s get ready for the most challenging activity of the year 2016 and overcome your limits!

Program and schedule

Participant teams need to create a group on Facebook with official name as following: “Team name” – Tu Lan Adventure Race 2016. It is required to use an official profile picture that is provided by organizer. The contents and pictures in the group must be managed and should be related to the Tu Lan Adventure Race program. Organizer will award media prize based on the combination of:

  • The team with the highest amount of members in the group on Facebook
  • The team with the highest amount of “Likes” on specific posts in the group on Facebook

(see next tabs for detailed schedule and activities of each day)


There is no mission today. As soon as participants arrive, they can enjoy the fresh atmosphere and beautiful environment in Phong Nha, and of course fulfill their energy for the Race.


Oxalis Adventure Race


  • 5:00 PM: All 10 team leaders will gather at Oxalis Office to get the statutes of the Race and information needed for their teams before departure.


What will Oxalis provide?

  • Oxalis will give advice related to transportation, accommodation, and local foods.
  • Oxalis will provide materials and documents related to the Race to all teams, to make sure all rules are clear and participants understand everything.


What do all teams need to prepare?

  • Teams need to prepare transportation plan to go to Phong Nha from either Dong Hoi airport, bus station or train station.
  • Teams need to prepare accommodation and dinner by themselves.


Today the big race will start with teams departing by bus to where participants will all be given a boat and then race along the river to Oxalis’ Tan Hoa office. It is not going to be an easy challenge since it covers a total of 15 kilometers by river way. In this round, team spirit is a determinant. After the boat race, participants will have time to enjoy the natural beauty and peace in Tan Hoa village, while also tasting the local cuisine at local houses which have been pre-designated.

Tu Lan Adventure Race

Tu Lan Adventure Race


  • 08:45 AM: Gather at Phong Nha Tourism Center
  • 09:00 AM: Depart to Trung Hoa bridge
  • 11:00 AM: Arrive at starting point. Organizer will disseminate all rules. All teams may have lunch after this part.
  • 12:30 PM: Doc Moc Boat Challenge to Oxalis Tan Hoa’s office. The end time is 5 PM (absent or late teams will be forfeited)
  • 05:00 PM: Meet at campsite at Oxalis Tan Hoa’s office; relax and prepare the campground
  • 06:00 PM: Dinner by Oxalis Chef
  • 07:00 PM: Time to hang out and unwind


What will Oxalis provide?

  • Transportation: bus from Phong Nha Tourism Center
  • Camping gear: tent, sleeping bag (Team will be given 4 tents/2 double tents and 2 triple tents)
  • Meal: Amount of money to prepare lunch, and dinner at local houses
  • 2 Doc Moc boats per teams
  • Life jacket for each participant
  • First Aid Kit and Medical Rescue Equipment
  • Secure Storage Facility to store important items
  • Rescuers along the way of the race
  • Water supply at each stop station


What do all teams need to prepare?

  • Prepare breakfast on their own
  • Prepare a packed lunch for whole team with amount of money which is given to team leaders in the first day
  • Bring own water bottles during participation


While the distance covered may be shorter than the first day, there are many activities and challenges waiting ahead. These obstacles are considered as the main part of the race. Participants will have the chance to explore not only the beauty of exterior scenes in the jungle, but also deep within the cave.

Tu Lan Adventure Race Tu Lan Adventure Race Tu Lan Adventure Race




  • 06:30 AM: Breakfast at Oxalis Tan Hoa office prepared by Oxalis
  • 07:30 AM: Disseminate the day’s rules
  • 08:00 AM: Teams depart 10 mins apart; running, trekking through the jungle, climbing mountains, squeezing through caves and swimming in an underground river (400 meters dry cave, 200 meters water cave, 6 kilometers runway, 3 slopes of an estimated 150 meters height). Total expected distance is 12 kilometers.
  • 05:00 PM: All teams must be at the center of Oxalis office in Tan Hoa (absent teams will be forfeited)
  • 06:30 PM: Summarize the day’s activities and enjoy Gala dinner. Overnight at Oxalis Tan Hoa camping site


What will Oxalis provide?

  • Breakfast prepared by Oxalis
  • Lunch package for each team (teams need to carry by themselves)
  • Rescuers along the way of the race
  • Water supply at each stop station
  • Walkie talkie for each team in case of emergency
  • Gala dinner with lighting effects and DJ
  • Caving & safety gear for each: caving helmet, caving headlight, gloves, life jacket
  • Camping gear: tent, sleeping bag (each team will be given 4 tents/2 double tents and 2 triple tents)


What do all teams need to prepare?

  • Long pants (quick to dry) and long sleeved shirts (quick dry)
  • 1 pair of trekking boots/shoes
  • 1 -2 pairs of calf length close weave socks (not ankle socks!)
  • Personal items: mosquito repellent, sunglasses, hat
  • Snack (nuts, chocolate, and some energy foods) if prefer


Today is all about coming together as a team and giving back to the community. You’ll start your day with a hearty breakfast prepared by Oxalis before heading to build up floating houses. Then enjoy the rest of the race by trying local foods, playing with local children, and experiencing the touching beauty of culture here before returning to reality.

Tu Lan Adventure Race



  • 06:30 AM Breakfast at campsite
  • 08:00 AM Head out to chosen families to help them complete their floating houses
  • 10:00 AM Free time to enjoy the local culture
  • 11:00 AM Lunch time
  • 12:30 PM Depart by bus to Phong Nha
  • 02:30 PM Arrive in Phong Nha and end of program


What will Oxalis provide?

  • Breakfast prepared by Oxalis
  • Lunch at local restaurant
  • Transportation: bus from Tan Hoa to Phong Nha
  • All equipment and materials to build floating house


What do all teams need to prepare?

  • Prepare camera and photographic equipment to capture peaceful scenes in Tan Hoa village.
  • Personal items: sun glasses, hat, sunscreen, etc.


1 First prize: VND 50 million

1 Second prize: VND 40 million

1 Third prize: VND 30 million

1 Media prize: VND 10 million


Note: Prize value is equivalent, not in cash.


All participants need to follow the below rules closely:

Game rules

Before the race:

  • Each team (team leader) will have to create a new Facebook group with the name “Your team name” – Tú Làn Adventure Race 2016 and then inform the organizer before adding members.
  • Group privacy should be set to ‘Public’
  • Facebook group will use banner provided by the organizer.
  • Post contents are limited within this program such as team training, team practice and preparation, and team activities, before and during the program; the destination (Tu Lan, Tan Hoa, Quang Binh, caves and surrounding areas)
  • Sensitive posts (for example, against Vietnam culture and Vietnam laws) and pointless posts (solely purpose is to get ‘likes’) are not allowed.


Day 1:

  • All team leaders need to be present and on time at Oxalis Phong Nha office at 5 PM to receive information and instructions for teams.
  • Each team will be provided an amount of money to buy food for lunch (snack/fast-food) on the next day.


Day 2:

  • All participants must gather at Phong Nha Tourism Center at 8:45 AM with lunch packs ready.
  • A team of 10 people will be divided into 2 separated groups (5 people each) and get 2 Doc Moc boats for the first mission. The Doc Moc boat challenge will start at 12:30 PM and finish at 5:00 PM. Teams who cannot complete the mission before 5:00 PM will be excluded from the race. The mission is considered as completed if one of two boat get to the point before 5:00 PM.
  • The score of this round is equal to the total point of 2 boats.
  • The team with the lowest score will be the first team to start the race on the next day.


Day 3:

  • Teams depart 10 minutes apart. The starting order is based on the score from the previous day by ascending order (from low to high).
  • Teams need to follow given instructions on the way. The organizers will not be responsible for any situation in which participants intentionally go against guidance of organizer.
  • Following closely the marked points on the way to make sure you are on the right oath. Contact organizer immediately if any problems occur.


Day 4:

  • All participants must follow instructions from organizer.
  • The hosts and supporters must be respected.


Other rules

  • Those teams which are excluded in the first round will not able to join the race as participants, but can still explore the surrounding areas.
  • Maintain a sense of responsibility to protect the environment during the race.
  • Collecting stalactites, breaking trees, or causing damage of any kind on the way are strictly prohibited.
  • Respect local people and their traditions.
  • Follow and check signs along jungle trail carefully, and inform organizer via walkie talkie in case of emergency.
  • Organizer has the right to remove any team (without refund) if organizer finds out they are do not uphold the conditions of participation.


Organizer has the right to remove any team (without refund) if organizer finds out they are do not uphold the conditions of participation.

Booking Conditions

Payment and tour confirmation

  • Upon making your reservation, the organizer will follow up within 2 working days via email with an invoice. Payment can be made by way of bank transfer or our secure online payment provider OnePay.
  • Please review your invoice and the payment link to ensure they match the services booked, and submit your payment. You will have 5 days to make payment otherwise your reservation will be cancelled. You can make payment via Visa or MasterCard in Vietnamese Dong.

Special note: Transaction via credit card (Visa or MasterCard) will incur an extra 3% charge.


  • If for any reason you cannot join the race after successfully completing the registration process, all program fees will be forfeited without further compensation.
  • Team members may be alternated (no more than 3 people) before March 15, 2016. Any changes or amendments after that will not be allowed.


  • All participants must hold a valid passport/identity card and valid visa. It is your responsibility to obtain a current Vietnam visa.
  • All passports/identity card and visas must be presented upon arrival at Oxalis Adventure Tours office. A photocopy will be made in our office and provided to local police for registration before accessing any area in which we conduct tours.

Travel insurance and risk

  • You should purchase a comprehensive travel insurance package covering medical treatment, natural disaster, personal accidents, guided-caving tours, medical evacuation, etc.
  • You understand that during the course of the trip certain events may occur such as accident or illness in a remote location without medical facilities. You agree to assume all risks and hold Oxalis Adventure Tours blameless on all accounts of accident or illness.

Fitness level

You must be in good physical health before attempting the Tu Lan Adventure Race 2016. It is vital that participants with pre-existing medical problems or conditions make these known to Oxalis Adventure Tours. If we discover that you have a medical condition which you have not disclosed to us (particularly a condition which would affect you on tour) or if you lie on your medical form in any manner, we reserve the right to cancel your participant rights without refund at any time. If your medical status changes at any time after you sign up, it is your responsibility to inform us immediately. Medical and evacuation expenses are the responsibility of the participant. If you cannot complete any section of the program due to lack of physical ability you will be turned around.

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