Tu Lan Adventure Race 2015

(NEW) Tu Lan Adventure Race 2016

Oxalis kicks off the first ever Tu Lan Adventure Race on April 28, 2015, with 10 teams of 5 people each competing on a course of challenging activities through the wild jungle and caves of Quang Binh Province!

Its promised to be an adventure-filled race with jungle trekking, exploring untouched dry caves, swimming in underground cave rivers, squeezing through tight cave passages, racing along the untamed rivers in a traditional Doc Moc boat, and of course the wildest jungle camping in Vietnam!

It’s a competition between each team with some fantastic cash prizes of up to VND 30,000,000 for the first place team! You will be judged each day on a number of challenges that you must complete from photography scavenger-hunts, boat race (including some small waterfalls where you have to carry your boat!), and finding various caves and other features within the region.

It’s also an event that will directly benefit the area as all teams will also complete one small challenge to help clean up the town, and a percentage of all tickets will also go towards rebuilding two libraries in Tan Hoa Village, which had been damaged in the terrible flooding of recent years.

Your registration includes porter team, camping gear (hammocks, mosquito net, sleeping bag), medical team at each station and campsite, public liability insurance (up to USD 500,000), all entrance tickets and taxes, transport according to the itinerary, meals according to the itinerary, plus support a fund to rebuild two libraries in Tan Hoa.

Participant fee: VND 7,000,000/ person.

Please send your group registration to contact[@]oxalis.com.vn (registration includes: full name, gender, DoB, Nationality, ID/Passport #, phone/email contact) before April 15, 2015.

Join the first ever Tu Lan Adventure Race in a team of 5 people for an action-packed long weekend to one of the wildest and beautiful regions of Vietnam!


Time: April 28 – May 1, 2015
Groups: 10 groups (5 participants per group)
Adventure level: Moderate to Difficult

Registration Deadline: March 30, 2015
Registration Contact: [email protected]

Fee: 7,000,000 VND/ person

1st team prize: 30,000,000 VND

2nd team prize: 20,000,000 VND
3rd team prize: 10,000,000VND

Detailed Itinerary

Each team will be subject to a number of challenges or missions each day including the day of arrival. You can read the detailed itinerary of each day and some of the rules by clicking each of the below tabs:

Day 1: The Gathering in Phong Nha

Today’s mission is to make your way to the Oxalis Headquarters in Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park. You’ll be required to take some photos around Phong Nha of some key locations before arriving at the Oxalis Headquarters at 18:30 for your first team introduction and our safety briefing and welcome dinner! Don’t be late and make sure your team has a great team uniform and slogan!

Itinerary 28/04

18:30   Meet at Oxalis Headquarters with your first mission already completed
19:00   Team Introductions and submission of the first mission results
19:15    Adventure Race rules are Announced
19:30   Dinner at Oxalis Bar & Restaurant

Mission Rules

Each team must find their own transport to Phong Nha and their own accommodation in Phong Nha as well. Each team must also prepare their team’s uniform before arriving in Phong Nha or on the day of arrival before the team introductions. Each team must have their own slogan! Think of something fun and creative!

As soon as your group arrives in Phong Nha you must take a picture of the five locations shown within the below pictures. It means travelling around Phong Nha with your own camera to document the five locations.

Each team must be at Oxalis Headquarters at 18:30 to qualify for the first round of points! You’ll be awarded 10 points for successfully completing all of these missions. Each team must find their own transport to and from Oxalis Headquarters.

Day 2: Phong Nha - Cao Quang - Hang Tien Cave - Challenges

Today the big race begins with teams departing by bus to where they’ll all be given a boat and race up the river to Hang Tien cave. It’s not going to be easy and if its a sunny day expect a big challenge! Work as a team to make your way all the way to the cave before an amazing BBQ dinner prepared by Oxalis at the swimming hole outside Hang Tien.


Itinerary 29/04

08:45    Gather at Oxalis Headquarters in the morning
09:00    Depart to Cao Quang
11:00     Doc Moc Boat Challenge to explore Hang Tien Cave
15:00     Meet at the camping site at Hang Tien Cave
16:00     Relax and Prepare the Campground
17:00     Summarise the day’s activities
18:00     Dinner by Oxalis Chef
19:00     Time to hang out and unwind

Mission Rules

Each team will be given a small amount of money to go to the market and buy their own food for breakfast and to prepare a packed lunch for their group. They must make their own way to Oxalis Headquarters in the morning before 08:45. Each team will depart by a bus organised by Oxalis to Cao Quang to the first challenge – a Doc Moc boat race to Hang Tien cave. Teams must stay together and support each other to race up the river, and even at some points they might be required to carry their boats where the waters are too shallow! Each team must take a photo together at the huge entrance of the cave before making their way back to the campsite.

Instructors will ensure safety at all times but guests must not cause any danger to themselves or other participants whilst on the river or in the cave.  You can score a maximum of 40 points for this leg of the adventure for the boat race and team photo!

Your team will be provided with: money for breakfast/lunch (take-away only), a wooden boat, life jackets, caving helmets and headlights, gloves, camping gear and water for the day. You should bring your own trekking pants, towel and change of clothes and carry your own gears. We can supply you boots if you do not have your own pairs.

Day 3: Hang Tien Cave - Hung Nhai - La Ken - Rat Cave - Conquer Tu Lan

Enjoy a big breakfast with all teams at the campsite before departing for Tan Hoa village via jungle paths, squeezing through caves and crossing many streams! Take in the beauty of Tu Lan whilst not forgetting this is still a race and some great prizes up fro grabs for the first few teams to arrive and score the highest points!


Itinerary 30/04

07:00     Breakfast at jungle campsite prepared by Oxalis
08:00     Teams depart 10 mins apart crossing streams, trekking through the jungle, climbing mountains and squeezing through caves
16:00     All teams must be at the centre of Oxalis office in Tan Hoa (absent teams will be forfeited)
18:00     Summarise the days activities and Gala dinner. Overnight at Oxalis Tan Hoa camping site

Mission Rules:

All teams need to follow the signs and directions by instructors along the jungle path and caves to ensure safety. You must arrive at your target location as fast as you can. You’ll also need to keep your eye out for Rat Cave as you’ll need to take a team photo here at the huge entrance! You can score a maximum of 50 points for this round.

We will provide you with caving helmets, caving headlights, gloves, water and call camping gear and snacks.

Day 4: Giving a Hand

Today is all about coming together as a team and giving back to the community. You’ll start your day with a hearty breakfast prepared by Oxalis before heading out with the local children of the village to clean up the area around their village. This helps the children to realise that everyone likes to keep the community clean and we’re all willing to help as well. You’ll have time to explore the villages before then visiting the two libraries that are busing funded through this adventure race.

Itinerary 01/05

07:00    Breakfast at Oxalis Tan Hoa Campsite
08:00    Head out to 5 Yen Tho Hamlet and Co Liem Village with your team and children from the area to clean up as much rubbish as possible
10:00    Free time to explore the villages and get some great photographs of tradition life
11:00    Visit two libraries that will be rebuilt using the fund from this adventure race
11:30    Lunch with the Tan Hoa Youth Union
13:00   Depart by bus to Phong Nha
15:00   Arrive in Phong Nha and end of programme

We will provide you with breakfast and lunch, cleaning tools and rubbish bags for the village and transport back to Phong Nha.

You will need to prepare your own accommodation for the evening of May 1 if you decide to stay in Phong Nha as well your transport from Phong Nha back to your city.