Top 10 hotels to stay for Oxalis’ customers

When you think of travelling to Phong Nha, you definitely want to spend your time in an accommodation that accentuates your overall travel experience by bringing you closer to the symphony of traditions, food, people and nature.

As you arrive in Phong Nha and look for a place to stay, you’ll be amazed to see the huge range of options to choose from. You can choose your accommodation to be a hostel where you can just kick back, or a homestay where you feel like part of a local family, or a hotel that treats you with the kind of luxury you need, or even a rustic resort accommodation which gives you the authentic Phong Nha travel experience.

Phong Nha travel is indeed special in this regard, as the accommodations here will make sure you have an experience so extraordinary that it makes you want to leave everything behind and spend the rest of your life here in the Adventure Capital of Asia. Below are our top 10 recommendation places to stay in Phong Nha & Dong Hoi that you might want to consider during your travel!

Other than that, the 9 new homestays in Phong Nha is what you also want to consider to stay!

Please be aware that all suggested accommodations operate entirely independently of Oxalis Adventure. The honest information is given in good faith, and Oxalis Adventure accepts no responsibility for the service provided by any other company.

#1 Chay Lap Farmstay & Resort

Experience an iconic blend of rural relaxation and hospitality at Chay Lap Farmstay & Resort, with the Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park on your doorstep, and tranquil river life just a short stroll or bicycle away. You also have the option to book a boat that’ll pick you up and get you to the farmstay through the mesmerizing river. The beautifully designed accommodation will give you sights of landscaped gardens and farm plots.

You get to be one with the Vietnamese culture, attend cookery and even weaving classes. You’ll be treated to the best local cuisine and get to interact with the friendliest staff in all of Phong Nha. The pool area has been revitalized and the lush gardens will keep your spirits high. The Chay Lap Farmstay & Resort will give you a life changing experience and make you fall in love with Vietnam.

Booking inquiries: https://chaylapfarmstay.com/
Overall quality: Excellent
Price: From about VND2,100,000 – VND2,300,000/night (from about USD95 – USD105/night)
(Chay Lap Farmstay & Resort offers 30% discount for Spa Package and 50% discount for cocktails for all of the customers who stay at Chay Lap Farmstay & Resort in May and June 2019)

#2 Phong Nha Farmstay

The Phong Nha Farmstay is also a great choice for travellers looking to explore rural Vietnam. The accommodation is extraordinary and unique as it is based on the French Colonial style and is set in the idyllic surroundings of rice paddy fields on the edge of the famous Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park.

You’ll feel the vibes of the local village life and spend your evening checking out the sunset and chilling out in a hammock by the pool. The hotel has rooms overlooking the surrounding rice paddies, farmlands and mountains.

Booking inquiries: https://phong-nha-cave.com/
Overall quality: Excellent
Price: From about VND1,050,000 – VND2,500,000/night (from about USD46 – USD111/night)

#3 Nguyen Shack – Phong Nha Eco Resort

The amazing Nguyen Shack – Phong Nha Eco Resort is located 3kms away from Phong Nha town in Cu Lac 2 village. It is a rustic lake resort. They offer rustic wooden bungalow accommodation and tiny houses at the end of a village road around a beautiful small lake surrounded by hills.

This Shack includes a large swimming pool built in a boat shape and a restaurant which offers a stunning view on the lake. It is a lovely place to relax after a busy day of cave exploration in the Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park. Due to the location of this accommodation, mosquitos may give you a really hard time. So, come prepared and be sure to ask for help.

Booking inquiries: http://www.nguyenshack.com/phongnha/
Overall quality: Great
Price: From about VND650,000 – VND1,150,000/night (from about USD29 – USD51/night)

#4 Phong Nha Coco House

This homestay accommodation in Phong Nha opened recently, everything is quite brand new and you’d be happy to know that it is located on the riverside. 

The rooms, although not that spacious, are comfortable; you’ll also receive recommendations on which tours to do while in Phong Nha. This place is run by a family of three and they’ll make sure you have a nice stay.

Booking inquiries: https://www.facebook.com/Phong-Nha-CoCo-House-1783344828573627/
Overall quality: Above Average
Price:  From about VND500,000 – VND670,000/night (from about USD23 – USD30/night)

#5 Thao Nguyen Homestay

Thao Nguyen homestay is located in the center of the town and keeps you close to the local market and all the cool attractions of the area. It is run by a friendly family of Phong Nha. Linh, who manages the homestay, is a young man who will make sure you get the most out of your trip to Phong Nha.

You can choose to do bicycle tours while staying here and be part of family dinners, before going back to your super comfortable room. Thao Nguyen homestay also has a swimming pool with an amazing view.

Booking inquiries: https://facebook.com/phongnha.thaonguyen/
Overall quality: Great
Price:  From about VND450,000 – VND600,000/night (from about USD20 – USD27/night)

#6 Phong Nha Friendly Home

With very creative infrastructural designing and heartwarming paintings all over, Phong Nha Friendly Home is a new homestay in Phong Nha that you wouldn’t want to miss. As the name goes, the staff at this homestay feels genuine joy while providing customers with a wonderful accommodation experience in Phong Nha.

Set near the ever gorgeous Son River, Phong Nha Friendly Home has 6 rooms (including 1 dorm room) and will also let you have your peace of mind in the beautiful surroundings.

Booking inquiries: https://www.facebook.com/phongnhafriendlyhome/
Overall quality: Great
Price: From about VND400,000 – VND1,000,000/night (from about USD18 – USD45/night)

#7 Tropical Valley Homestay

Tropical Valley Homestay is a new accommodation in Phong Nha which sets a cozy atmosphere for everyone.  It offers dorm-type room to single or double-type rooms with a lovely lookout to the garden. The owner of Tropical Valley Homestay, Quy and his family is extremely kind and friendly, their pancakes are something you must try while staying here. They offer the pickup service when you arrive in Phong Nha and their family meals are amazing for some reasons!

Adventure or Phong Nha National Park tours are available at the reception.

Booking inquiries: https://www.facebook.com/Tropicalvalleyhomestay/
Overall quality: Excellent
Price: From about VND150,000 – VND550,000/night (from about USD5 – USD25/night)

#8 Nam Long Hotel (Dong Hoi City)

The Nam Long Hotel located in a very convenient location in Dong Hoi City, not too far from the beach and just about 15 – 20 minutes away from the Dong Hoi airport and train station. It takes about 45 mins to an hour to travel from Nam Long Hotel to Phong Nha.

The hotel offers accommodations with free WiFi , rooms are equipped with air conditioned, hot water with comfortable bedding and some of them own a balcony. Adventure or Phong Nha National Park tours are available at the reception and their staff is known to be very helpful!

Booking inquiries: https://www.facebook.com/Namlonghotelvn/
Overall quality: Great
Price: From about VND150,000 – VND550,000/night (from about USD7 – USD25/night)

#9 Tuan’s Garden House

Tuan’s Garden House is a one of a kind homestay that offers pet-friendly accommodation in Phong Nha. With a sun terrace, this homestay offers a wonderful view of the mountain and the garden. It also has an on-site restaurant that allows you to enjoy BBQ. This place also offers rooms with a balcony with garden views; you’ll feel close to the nature at all times.

Guests can use free bicycles to explore the surrounding area at night as well. The staff here is extremely welcoming and helpful.

Booking inquirieshttps://phong-nha-tuan-garden-house.booked.net/
Overall quality: Excellent
Price: From about VND280,000 – VND1,060,000/night (from about USD13 – USD47/night

#10 Easy Tiger Hostel

When it comes to hostels in Phong Nha, Easy Tiger has retained the top spot for many years straight. Located in the town, this hostel provides comfortable dorm style accommodation, a swimming pool, a pool table, and great food & drinks at really affordable rates and not to forget, lots of memories.

You get to groove to the live music performances almost every night, while in the mornings you’ll get information about Phong Nha, places to visit and things to do. The staff at Easy Tiger is really friendly and can speak English really well.

Booking inquirieshttps://www.easytigerhostel.com/
Overall quality: Excellent
Price:  From about VND180,000/night (from about USD8/night)