Top 15 glorious reasons to visit Vietnam

When you think of bucket list travel destinations, Vietnam is a country that surely deserves one of the top spots! With its incredible history, wonderful culture and plethora of positive vibes, Vietnam attracts travellers worldwide and manages to keep its serene charm alive even in the busiest of tourist seasons.

Here are the top reasons why you should travel to Vietnam!


1. Do a roadtrip

Vietnam is one of the best countries in the world when it comes to the roads, amusing sights and landscapes it offers to roadtrip enthusiasts. The best way to do a roadtrip here is to travel from up North down to the South. You’ll find everything from mountains, wild jungles, beautiful valleys, to upbeat cities and serene untouched rural areas. This is a wonderful way to immerse yourself into the essence of Vietnam, both geographically and culturally. To get this raw Vietnam travel experience, you can check out http://dragonbiketours.com/ to rent a nice & reliable motorbike that’ll be your companion throughout your journey in Vietnam.

Where to do it – From Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

2. Explore gigantic caves in the Adventure Capital of Asia!

Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Central Vietnam is popularly known as the Adventure Capital of Asia and is home to the most spectacular caves, including the biggest cave in the world, the Son Doong Cave. Phong Nha is one of those last few unexplored places on Earth and the local village is engulfed by some of the most incredible sights, culture and friendly people for those looking to feel an overall sense of wanderlust happiness when you travel to Vietnam. To make sure you get the best jungle & caving adventure tour in Vietnam, make sure you choose https://oxalis.com.vn/ ! Oxalis Adventure is the pioneer of adventure tourism in the area and offers many tours that are straight out of a dream!

Where to do it – Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park, Quang Binh, Vietnam

Do it with – Oxalis Adventure

3. Trekking around Sapa with ETHOS

When you travel to Vietnam, you shouldn’t miss visiting Sapa – the heart and the soul of North West Vietnam, also one of the most ethnically diverse parts of the world. Sapa offers plenty of treks and cultural journeys for adventure seekers and it’s best to do it with the best in the business – ETHOS. They allow you to create your own Vietnam travel experience and offer various amazing tours such as journeys that allow you to visit a minority home in Sapa and spend some time (cook, eat, workshop) with the locals to know about the traditions and cultures; exciting motorbike rides and thrilling treks around Sapa etc. Visit: http://www.ethosspirit.com

Where to do it – Sapa

Do it with – Ethos

4. Go Sandboarding on the sand dunes of Mui Ne!

Mui Ne is popularly considered the second best sandboarding destination in the world! The ideal time to zoom down the gorgeous sand dunes is at sunrise; the sand’s temperature would be perfect for a day of sandboarding adventures! Mui Ne has some massive and beautiful sand dunes and even with little to no experience, you’ll have one of the most fun adventure experiences of your life while travelling in Vietnam. Just rent out a board and practice on the smaller dunes before heading to the big boy dunes! This will surely enhance your Vietnam travel experience!

Where to do it – Mui Ne, Phan Thiet City, Binh Thuan Province, Vietnam

5. Feel the thrill of canyoning!

Imagine abseiling, swimming, hiking, sliding and jumping down waterfalls! When you travel to Vietnam, make your way to Dalat and learn the unconventional art of canyoning. You’ll be offered half day tours and also some hardcore tours for the more experienced folks. This is one adventure experience in Vietnam that you just can’t miss! Experience the natural beauty by canyoning in Vietnam like never before!

Where to do it – Dalat, Lam Dong Province, Vietnam


6. Enjoy life with a private cruise on the Mekong Delta!

Mango Cruises give you an unforgettable private cruising experience when you travel to Vietnam and visit the magnificent Mekong Delta. With a perfect blend of high quality private sampans, in-depth local knowledge/experience, and convivial staff & crew, travellers get to have a magical cruise through the Mekong region’s serene water that is yet to be tapped by commercial tourism. You will be staying on a traditional sampan overnight, so whilst it’s a cruise we consider it an amazing accommodation as well. Check out http://www.mangocruises.com/en/ and book your private cruise in Vietnam right away!

Where to do it – Mekong Delta

Do it with – Mango Cruises

7. Do some fruit & vegetable shopping at a floating market!

Yes, you read that right! A floating market!  When you travel to Vietnam, be sure to check out the Cai Rang floating market in Can Tho. The Cai Rang Floating Market, the largest wholesale floating market in the Mekong Delta, starts around 04:00 and runs until 10:00, meaning that you’ll have to get an early start of the day if you want to visit. While floating down the river, you get a glimpse of life along its shores. You’ll pass vibrantly painted boats anchored along the shore, merchant vessels carrying loads down the river and houses built on stilts over the water. Your Vietnam travel itinerary needs to have such incredible places!

Where to do it – Can Tho, Vietnam

8. Visit the most unusual holy city on the planet!

Tay Ninh is a busy town on the Mekong Delta. Here, you’ll find the Cao Dai Temple, the Holy See of the Cao Dai religion. Caodaism is a Vietnamese hybrid religion. It fuses Christianity, Buddhism, Taoism, occult and Islam with the ultimate goal to attain freedom from the cycle of life and death. Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed and even French novelist Victor Hugo are revered by the sect. The temple’s towers resemble a church, but once you get closer inspection, you’ll see sword-brandishing gods, swastikas, a Communist red star and an Orwellian all-seeing eye. If you’re a day tripper from Saigon, you must visit this place at noon to witness the unconventional praying ceremony! This is undoubtedly one of the most unusual and beautiful experiences you’ll have when you travel to Vietnam.

Where to do it – Tay Ninh, Vietnam

9. Light a lantern!

Every Tet (Vietnamese New Year), you’ll find yourself surrounded by the most astonishing array of colorful lanterns! The colors of the lanterns are bright and the designs are completely authentic & traditional. The locals can enjoy this festivity with the locals. Travel to Vietnam and witness an incredible sight of thousands of lanterns seen afloat on the river! What you can do is hire a sampan boat to get the best view. For a meager amount of money, you can buy a lantern and set it afloat too. It’s okay if you can’t make it to Hoi An for New Year: smaller lantern festivals are celebrated every full moon. In 2019, the Vietnamese New Year falls on 5 February. You’ll be adding a special feather to your Vietnam Travel cap with this one!

Where to do it – Hoi An, Quang Nam Province, Vietnam


10. Let your taste buds fall in love with the local food!

The local delicacies and signature dishes of Vietnam are something absolutely worth indulging in, whether you’re a hardcore non-vegetarian, vegan or pescaterian. The taste varies from region to region! We recommend you to try the following dishes, when you travel to Vietnam:

  • Pho (noodles & soup with meat of your choice, veggies and the perfect amount of flavor!)
  • Banh Mi (toasted baguette sandwich, pickled vegetables, pate, butter, soy sauce, cilantro, chillies, and choice of hot peppers, roasted pork belly, fried egg, grilled pork loin, fried fish, boiled sausages, Chinese barbecued pork, and poached chicken).
  • Banh Xeo (crepe or pancake made of rice flour, coconut milk, and turmeric, which you can fill it with vermicelli noodles, chicken, pork or beef slices, shrimps, sliced onions, beansprouts, and mushrooms)
  • Goi Cuon (thin vermicelli noodles, pork slices, shrimp, basil, and lettuce, all tightly wrapped in translucent rice papers)
  • Bun Thit Nuong (thin vermicelli rice noodles, chopped lettuce, sliced cucumber, bean sprouts, pickled daikon, basil, chopped peanuts, and mint, topped with grilled pork shoulder)
  • Com Tam (‘broken rice’ in Vietnamese, and is traditionally served with fried egg, diced green onions, and a variety of meats


11. Understand Vietnam’s incredible past through museums!

There are few countries around the world that have an extremely touching and powerful history. Vietnam is surely one of the top ones on that list of countries. For a deep insight into the past of Vietnam, make sure you visit the Ho Chi Minh City Museum has various informative exhibitions, and explains Vietnam’s past through pictures & artifacts. The War Remnants Museum presents more gruesome and graphic photographs – a reminder of the atrocities that the locals earlier faced. The chilling fact is that Vietnam’s rough times were not too long ago. When you travel to Vietnam and get a taste of its history, you’ll find yourself admiring it even more!

Where to go – Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

12. Squeeze into the historically significant underground tunnels!

It seldom happens that you get to experience something so moving and inexplicable. The Cu Chi tunnels in Vietnam is a complex network of underground tunnels that was built as part of a defense strategy during the French Colonial Period and was later operated for sheltering and supply of arms during the war! You can have this experience any day of the week between 7:00 AM & 5:00 PM/

Where to go – Cu Chi, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

13. Have your mind blown away at the Imperial Citadel!

The Hue Imperial Citadel was constructed in 1804 and was home to the Nguyen Dynasty – Vietnam’s last royal dynasty for 143 years. The entire complex boasted of 148 buildings, which were severely damaged during the French Colonial period and the Vietnam War. This included the emperor’s palace, the giant gates, temples and even pagodas. When you visit the citadel, you’ll find that only 20 of the 148 buildings in the complex survived the harsh times in the past. This is surely a must visit spot when you travel to Vietnam.

Where to go – Hue, Vietnam

14. Feel the chills at an ancient prison!

While historical museums in Hanoi are mostly rather propagandist and perhaps superficial, Hoa Lo Prison can be a good fit to catch up on the city’s back story. Despite many modern renovations, it offers visitors a real sense of the past. Head to the gloomy rooms and see former prison cells, which witnessed the incarceration of the US pilots, including Senator John McCain and more importantly, the inhumane practices that many Vietnamese nationalist leaders and revolutionaries suffered from during the French colonization period. Travel to Vietnam and feel this experience; it’s sure to send chills down your spine!

Where to go – Hanoi, Vietnam


15. Grab a beer, chill out and enjoy the beach life!

The beaches in Vietnam are drop dead gorgeous! The overall vibe is perfect for unwinding when you travel to Vietnam! With wonderful accommodations, cheap beer and delicious food, your trip to Vietnam would be incomplete without spending quality time at the beach! The Phu Quoc island is a must visit in this case. It has some of the most beautiful beaches and a very welcoming aura overall. You can do activities like kayaking, snorkeling to see the amazing coral reefs and swim amongst the colorful fish!

Where to go – Quy Nhon, Phu Quoc and Cat Ba, Vietnam

All said and done, travelling in Vietnam is surely an experience you’ll treasure forever and you’ll want to call it your second home.

Don’t wait any longer! Book your tickets now and begin your journey in this magical land of South East Asia.