The New York Times: Deep in Vietnam, Exploring a Colossal Cave

Photo: Alex Anderson

Oxalis was recently featured in the New York Times! We are so proud of our team for continuing to offer the very best travel experiences in the most magical corner of this planet!

At 300 feet in height and 600 feet across, the cavern is big enough to fit a Boeing 747 with room to spare. The space was flooded with rays of natural light coming in from an arch high above us. The beams of light illuminated a yellow sand beach hundreds of feet below, surrounding a calm turquoise pool.

A team of porters who had gone ahead of us were already down on the beach, some pitching our tents for the night, others keeping a fire burning ready to cook dinner. As flames flickered, catching on the light breeze being drawn through the cave, smoke swirled upward in the musky, dank air.

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