Phong Nha: The best motorbike loop in Vietnam

“Clunk, thud, vroom!”

Motor biking in Vietnam and especially in the Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park is what motorcycling dreams are made of; the thrill, the peace, the nature, the sights and the unending roads.

Exploring the marvels of the Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park on two wheels will give you an inexplicable rush! Let the throttle do the talking as you traverse the serpentine roads of the jungle clad Karst Mountains, while making coffee stops at the surrounding villages to let the local culture slowly sink in.

This region is surely a paradise for motorcycle adventurers as it offers tons of opportunities to off-road, flat out and ride hard into some truly breathtaking corners on the hilly terrain. Ride into the Bong Lai Valley, Phong Nha Botanical Garden, Nuoc Mooc Springs Eco trail, road to dark cave and much more! Be sure to ride around the ethnic villages to spend quality time with the locals!

About the Phong Nha Motorbike loop in Vietnam

A 65 km loop takes you through a beautiful section of the National Park, and you’ll have a chance to stop into several famous caves, including Paradise Cave, 8 Lady Cave, and Dark Cave. You’ll also be riding on some parts of the legendary Ho Chi Minh trail, which is now a highway. While on this sensational ride, keep your cameras ready to shoot the beautiful wildlife as well!

You can easily spend a whole day riding the loop, depending on how many stops you make. If you aren’t an experienced rider, you can hire a licensed motorbike driver to take you around!

All you need is a Phong Nha map and a motorbike that you could easily find any place in the town. This motorbike tour in Vietnam is a must do for all motor biking enthusiasts.

This spectacular motorbike ride in Phong Nha, Vietnam will require you to fill up your tanks with about 3 liters of fuel to ride through the day on the entire loop. You can choose to go in either direction; traffic is usually very scarce in Phong Nha. However, slush, mud, water and pebbles may make it slightly risky; don’t rush. Ride easy!

Clockwise Route

Doing this Vietnam motorbike tour of the Phong Nha loop on the clockwise route is considered to be the best and most adventurous way to do it!

All you have to do is follow the road into Phong Nha town by moving in the same direction for about 3 km. Take a left for Highway 20 (known as Victory Road – a part of Ho Chi Minh trail)  will lead you directly into the National Park. You’d be happy to know that independent travellers are allowed inside the National Park without any assistance from a tour guide or company. Once inside, you’ll need to pay for all the attractions separately.

The Phong Nha Botanical Garden will be your first stop, where you can go for an unguided trek through the park. Keep trekking on the trail and you’ll find the Thac Gio Waterfall at the end.

From the Phong Nha Botanical Garden, you resume your Vietnam motorbike trip by riding to the intersection with the Ho Chi Minh West Highway. From there, ride on straight for approximately 2.5 km and you’ll find yourself at the Eight Lady Cave (Tam Co Cave) and temple.

Now ride back to the intersection. Here, you’ll take a left turn on to the Ho Chi Minh Highway West. Ride for about 5.5 km and you’ll be facing the entry fate to the Paradise Cave, known as Thien Duong Cave in Vietnamese. Exploring this cave as a solo traveller who is doing a motorbike ride in Vietnam, it shouldn’t take you more than 2 hours to get in and out of Paradise Cave.

After the cave encounter, you ride back to the same highway. Keeping riding towards the north till you come across the Nuoc Mooc Springs Eco Trail. This is a natural spring where you can chill out for a while and take in the peaceful sights.

From the Nuoc Mooc Springs Eco Trail, you can continue on your motorbike straight towards Dark Cave or Hang Toi cave. This cave is a great avenue for thrill seekers who can enjoy activities zip-lining, caving, swimming or mud-bathing inside the cave etc. It shouldn’t take more than 1.5-2 hours for you to enter, enjoy and exit.

You can complete this clockwise motorbike loop in Phong Nha by riding another 11 km and you’ll arrive at the Ho Chi Minh Highway East. From there, take a left and ride on for about 10-11 km and you’ll be back in Phong Nha town!

This awesome motorbike loop in Vietnam will surely accentuate your overall Vietnam travel experience. Motorbiking in Phong Nha will make you feel like the hero of your own adventure movie! Ride safe!

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