Hotels in Phong Nha

For many people, a hotel is the first thought that comes to mind when thinking of an accommodation while travelling and rightly so!

The hotels in Phong Nha are one of a kind and will give you the perfect taste of luxury and let you sink in the traditional colors; their prices are slightly higher than that of the hostels & homestay. Great news is, the way some of these hotels are designed and located, you’ll be very close to nature and can relax peacefully.

The top hotels in Phong Nha are Oxalis Home, Son Doong Bungalow and Victory road villas. These hotels will give you the best views to wake up to, along with unmatched comfort, professional staff, lip smacking delicious food and fun activities like kayaking!

Oxalis Home

Ideally located at the Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park and along the peaceful Son River, Oxalis Home Hotel boasts of some of the best views in Phong Nha. Mountain View rooms are ideal for those looking to soak up the sights of the Karst Mountains and green rice paddies; each River View room comes with a private balcony with the view to the legendary Son River. The Expedition Cafe on the ground floor serves fresh, flavorful food along with Vietnamese coffee, smoothies, and refreshing juices.  We provide free use of bicycle and kayak so that you can enjoy exploring the wonderful nature surrounding you.

Booking inquirieshttp://oxalishome.com/
Overall quality: Excellent
Price: $$$$

Son Doong Bungalow

The Son Doong Bungalow hotel is centrally located along the emerald Son River in Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park, Quang Binh. Surrounded by the picturesque view of the tranquil river and the multi-layered mountains, this is an ideal location for leisure travelers including solo-travellers, couples or even families.

Son Doong Bungalow is a perfect getaway with its contemporary furnishing and captivating decoration; all of the rooms are pool-view, next to the restaurant serving delightful Asian and Western dishes.

A climbing wall is set up for adventurers’ interests; everyone from beginners to speed climbers can strap in and go vertical. Customers are welcome to get on a bike and go browsing around Phong Nha and explore more about the area.

Booking inquiries: Son Doong Bungalow
Overall quality: Excellent
Price: From US$58 – US$98/night/room (from VND 1,300,000 – VND 2,200,000/night/room)

Victory Road Villas

Victory Road Villas is a boutique accommodation in Phong Nha, which is a great fusion of western elegance and local traditions. You will be surrounded by a rural village and the famous karst mountains of the region, the guests also get to enjoy free kayaking.

The unique accommodations are rooted in Vietnamese culture and traditions, but offer the best in modern service, amenities and luxury. The villas are huge and worth the buck you spend. This is one of the best and most unique hotel accommodations in Phong Nha.

Overall quality: Excellent
Price: $$$$

Heritage by Night Hotel

Heritage by Night is located in Phong Nha town and you can easily reach the most attractive destinations in the area from here. The staff isn’t the friendliest and the overall service is quite average. The rooms, on the other hand, are good if you’re planning to stay for a couple of days.

Guests are also provided with free advice and information about the Phong Nha – Ke Bang Heritage Tour and can book some tours directly at the hotel reception.

Booking inquirieshttp://phongnhatourism.com.vn/en/heritage-by-night-hotel/
Overall quality: Average
Price: $$

Phong Nha Midtown Hotel

Popularly known as “home away from home”, the Phong Nha Midtown Hotel is located at the center of Phong Nha town and is run by a local family. The hotel is designed with big rooms, soft and comfortable beds and western style bathrooms.

Breakfast is also included. The staff speaks decent English and is friendly.

Booking inquiries: http://www.phongnhamidtown.com/
Overall quality: Average
Price: $

Green Valley Hotel

Green Valley hotel is located in Phong Nha center. This hotel is run by a family and has a relaxed atmosphere. They offer affordable accommodation; dorm and private rooms with average sized are offered, all of which include breakfast and air-conditioning.

The Karaoke bar next to it may be a reason for concern on some days, as its loud noise could keep you up at night.

Booking inquiries: https://www.facebook.com/Green-Valley-Hotel-Phong-Nha-505829113194886/
Overall quality: Average
Price: $$

Rose Hotel

Rose Hotel is located in the Phong Nha town. It was built in 2017 and offers comfortable and spacious room with windows, private bath room, beds and very easy to connect wifi access.

Rose Hotel’s Reception Department can give you all the information of Phong Nha National Park. This accommodation is generally okay for a-night stay.

Booking inquirieshttps://www.facebook.com/phongnharosehotel/
Overall quality: Average
Price: $

Oxalis Adventure Tours


If you are seeking a taste of the caves and really don’t have enough time then we recommend a one-day cave and jungle trek. We currently have three tour options for you to select, each with a slightly different style and suitability.

• Phong Nha National Park 1-DayOur family adventure in the Phong Nha offers a great taste of untouched jungle and impressive wild caves. It is the easiest level of adventure but there is still 5km of trekking and 2km of caving, and optional swimming during warmer weather into one cave. It’s suitable for kids from 12 and above with good fitness, and so this makes for a great day for everyone! It costs VND 1,650,000 per person (USD 72).

• Tu Lan Experience – 1 DayThis is one of our original one-day tours and still one of the best adventures in Vietnam. This one-day tour includes rock scrambling, 50m swimming through a wild river-cave, and up to 9 km of trekking through the lush jungles. You will also strap yourself in for a 15m descent down a ladder. It costs VND 1,800,000 (USD 78) per person.

• Hang Tien Discovery – 1 DayThis one-day tour is perfect for trekking enthusiasts eager to see the largest cave of Tu Lan but without time for the two-day experience. Hang Tien is a dry cave so no swimming required, but still includes up to 4km of trekking through mostly flat jungle and about 500m exploring this incredible cave that will no doubt impress with its grandeur. It costs VND 2,000,000 per person (USD 87).


Our most popular cave adventures start from two-days providing an immersive jungle and caving adventure, each targeting a slightly different kind of adventure-seeker, or perfect for those who want to combine a couple of tours to see different caves and areas on one trip to Phong Nha.

• Tu Lan Cave Encounter – 2 DaysOur most popular tour exploring the famous jungle area of Tu Lan. On this overnight camping excursion, you will trek through a number of different dry caves, swim up to 500m through a couple of river caves, witness outstanding cascading waterfalls underground as featured in National Geographic, and spend the night at our jungle camp beside a gorgeous waterfall. It includes 12km of trekking and 3km of caving in total and is for those with a good adventurous spirit. It costs VND 5,500,000 per person (USD 239).

• Hang En Cave Adventure – 2 DaysFor two days, this is our best-value-for-money tour that includes one of the most jaw-dropping natural landscapes you will see in this lifetime. This cave is considered the second largest cave in Vietnam and third largest in the World, and it also makes up one night of the original five-day Son Doong Cave Expedition being so close to the largest cave in the world. It includes visiting Ban Doong Ethnic Village, located in the jungle, and a magnificent campsite on a sandy beach inside the cave. It includes 22km of jungle trekking at times quite rocky, multiple knee-deep river crossings, and elevation change of 400m (the ‘hill’ you won’t forget), and 4km of caving. This is a level 3 adventure on a scale of 1 to 6. It costs VND 7,600,000 per person (USD 330).

• Hang Tien Endeavor – 2 DaysA two-day trek into the jungle to see the largest dry cave of the Tu Lan area, exploring 5.5km of this truly stunning cave, with a variety of karst formations. This 13km trek is suitable for those not too keen on cave swimming or too many hills, but still up for an adventure. This is a level 4 adventure between 1 and 6, with 6 being the most challenging. It costs VND 6,500,000 per person (USD 283).

• Hang Va Expedition – 2 DaysA technically challenging, but equally rewarding two-day caving adventure in the heart of Phong Nha National Park. This tour takes you deep into the jungle to one of the most spectacular river-caves, with formations not seen anywhere else in the world! It involves rock scrambling, wading through an underground river, bouldering and rope-traversing within the cave, to reach the rarest tower cone formations. This involves quite a lot of technical work due to safety, but is not overly difficult, it includes 10km of trekking and 3 km of caving.  This is a level 4 adventure, with 6 being the highest. It costs VND 8,000,000 per person (USD 348).


Now, if you really want to increase the adventure and soak up the wild jungle of Vietnam, with plenty of time to relax and enjoy the area, we highly recommend a three-day caving tour of our Tu Lan or Hang Tien.

• Wild Tu Lan Cave Explorer – 3 DaysThis tour incorporates the very best of Tu Lan with two different jungle campsites besides stunning waterfalls, 3km of cave exploring through a number of caves, 1km of cave swimming and visiting some additional areas not included on our shorter experiences. Our three-day tour is very popular and tends to be booked out so get in quick to enjoy this thrilling jungle adventure. It includes 17 km of jungle trekking and with quite a bit of swimming you will need to have a good level of fitness. It is not for the faint-hearted, but still only considered level 3 adventure level compared to level 4 of the Hang Tien 3-day tour. It costs VND 8,000,000 per person (USD 348).

• Hang Tien Exploration – 3 DaysThis three-day tour stands out for combining a taste of Tu Lan with some river cave swimming, before crossing a mountain range to reach the valley for Hang Tien – the most astounding dry caves in the region, where you will enjoy trekking, bouldering over various rocky terrains to witnessing breathtaking patterned calcite walls & ceilings of Hang Tien. It’s challenging and definitely more suited to adventure enthusiasts who have trekking experience and prefer more challenging routes. It includes a total of 22km of trekking, 6.5 km of caving and an elevation change of 150m over one particular hillside. You will get wet, you will be challenged, but you will not be disappointed. Hang Tien is located adjacent to the Tu Lan area so you will enjoy the best of both worlds – a level 4 adventure out of 6 adventure levels. It costs VND 8,500,000 per person (USD 370).


For those looking for the ultimate adventure experience in Vietnam, and thriving for the real grand expedition of the world, you should opt for these 4-day journeys to explore the entire cave system of Tu Lan and the largest cave on Earth

• Tu Lan Expedition – 4 DaysYou will also explore all of the extraordinary caves in Tu Lan, including Kim Cave and Secret Cave that boasts phenomenal natural falls and karst formations inside these two unbelievable river caves. Complete a trek through Hang Tien Cave – famed for its vastness and magnificent formations. Our secluded jungle campsites are spectacular and mostly different from those visited on our shorter treks in the same region. This is a perfect alternative expedition for those who are unable to do Son Doong Expedition, still it’s challenging and not recommended for those without experience. It includes an additional night at Chay Lap Farmstay before the tour to ensure you are well rested and ready to depart early the following day. Level 5 on our 6 adventure levels. It includes 30km of jungle trekking, 5 km of caving, about 800m swimming through caves and one abseil in a cave in the pitch black – highly adventurous! It costs VND 15,000,000 per person (USD 652).

• Son Doong Expedition – 4 DaysBy now you would have seen some pictures of Son Doong Cave, and even they don’t do it justice. The record-breaking Son Doong Cave is hands-down one of the most stunning places on this planet Earth. The expedition is tough, but not too difficult so long as you have a strong resolve to achieve. It is surely one of the newest wonders of the world. Son Doong is not just another cave tour – it is life-changing to say the least. It includes 25km of trekking, 9 km caving including rope climbs, and the 90m ascent of the Great Wall of Vietnam using a ladder, elevation change of 400m and many river crossings inside and outside the cave. Level 6 on our adventure levels. It costs VND 69,800,000 per person (USD 3000).

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