From its beginning as a small deprived town, Phong Nha, is now developing into a well-known attraction on the world’s tourism map. One of the pioneers in the field, leading to this success, is a local tour operator named OXALIS.

Founded in June 2011, with the license of the General Administration of Tourism, Oxalis Adventure Tours is headquartered in Son Trach Commune. This is a buffer zone area of the World Natural Heritage of Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park, Bo Trach District, Quang Binh Province.

Besides 170 full time, professional staff; including cave experts from the British Cave Research Association (BCRA), the company regularly recruits 350 local people to do part-time work as porters, road guides, cooks and other tour-related jobs. They are all tremendously valuable assets to our company. You cannot fail to be impressed if you meet any one of them.

H’Anetta is one of our special staff members. Originally from Gia Lai, a province in the central highlands of Vietnam, H’Anetta chose to travel, and further her career and life adventure here, with us at Oxalis.

H’Anetta inspires people with her stories about the challenges she has faced, whilst following her dreams.

“I used to dream of being a lawyer, an English teacher or a tour guide” – H’Anetta replies when questioned about her childhood dreams. Although H’Anetta grew up in an agricultural background, the little girl always imagined herself somewhere else, somewhere different.

This is a strong little girl, who refused to stay in one place. This meant she traveled far away from home, finishing college in Hue City, 500km from her hometown. Next, she chose to give up on her teaching career, to take that extra step, and journey another 200km to Phong Nha, Quang Binh.

“I love doing things that are helpful and inspiring. I began working as an English teacher right after I graduated from college, but after a year, I felt the job was not what I truly wanted, not enough”.

H’Anetta started her Oxalis journey officially in November 2014, and it did not take long for her to realize what a wonderful life-choice she had made.

“I love adventure, I’ve been looking for an adventurous job, a new challenging chapter of my life, something that motivates me every single day, and Oxalis is the one”. H’Anetta has successfully overcome many of her earlier difficulties. She has proved herself, and now holds a senior guide position.

Impressed customers left beautiful words about her:


“Anetta, our guide, was awesome! Friendly and funny.”  (Ashley, New York)

“Our guide Anetta was very safe, had great authority, a secure leader always making sure everybody in the group was doing alright, a very good pathfinder and experienced guide with great knowledge about the jungle, caves etc. Her English was very good.” (Louise , Sweden)

“The tour guide Anetta was extremely knowledgeable and friendly” (Malica, China)

“Born in the highlands meant that I saw little of the sea, and my chances to swim were few. However, this did not stop me from becoming an adventure tour guide. I work hard; learn quickly and I believe this is what I want to do” – said H’Anetta. 

Talking about the most wonderful thing she has ever experienced, “I travelled a long way to find myself. From the moment I saw the great gifts of Mother Nature, I realized I had been given an opportunity to motivate and inspire others. This confirms to me that I am totally in the right job”. The great achievements of H’Anetta today are a tribute to her endless efforts.

This is also a reminder that everyone has the right to chase their dreams; despite distance, abilities,wealth, or even when everyone else thought you would not make it.

You just have to reach out for it, and allow it to bloom.