Nuoc Nut Cave

Found in 2003, in the region of Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park, Nuoc Nut Cave has become one of the world’s most attractive natural wonders for exploratory journeys in Vietnam, especially for families or those who wish to fully enjoy the moments of discovery with comparatively lower adventure intensity.

A journey into the Nuoc Nut Cave was originally a part of 2-Days Hang Va discovery itinerary by Oxalis Adventure. But over time, Oxalis realized that the Nuoc Nut Cave wasn’t being tapped to its true potential. Owing to this, Oxalis officially released Nuoc Nut 1-day tour in 2018, suitable for all participants above 12 years old, with a wide array of exciting activities on tour.

The Nuoc Nut Cave is located deep in Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park. To get there, adventurers must pass through the thick foliage of a tropical jungle, follow the stream through the slopes and the cave’s entrance will finally appear among majestic mountains. After being provided and assisted with the safety equipment to move down the cave, you’ll be in for a thrilling ride as you admire a very large limestone passage ; containing numerous stalactites off which the light colorfully bounces and these masterpieces of mother nature are sure to leave you mesmerized.

Looking up at the ceiling of the cave, you’ll see small rays of sunbeam penetrating through stones and rocks, providing a source of life for the unique flora ecosystem thriving within the cave. During spring or summer, visitors will be immersed in the cool water, wading around in the magnificent lakes. The main passage of the cave is as big as a theater, in places 70 meters wide. This journey is suitable for passionate tourists who enjoy clicking photos to carve memories out of precious pictures of surreal stalactites or special tectonics inside the cave.

Nuoc Nut Cave Discovery

Nuoc Nut Cave was first discovered in 2003 by a Phong Nha local man and British Cave Research Association members who continued surveying the areas around Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park. The entrance of Nuoc Nut Cave was discovered even before Hang Va’s discovery in 2012.

With a total length of almost 2.2km, Nuoc Nut Cave is probably about 2 million years old.

Nuoc Nut Cave was found to be connected to Hang Va in 2016.

Hydrology of Nuoc Nut Cave

Nuoc Nut Cave is believed to share the same water flow with Hang Va & Son Doong Cave in some parts. This can only be confirmed by water tracing as some passages are too small to pass through.

Nuoc Nut Cave Trekking Tour – Phong Nha National Park tour

Phong Nha National Park tour is the perfect itinerary for travellers looking for an easygoing day filled with fun and memorable moments, which includes a short trek to explore a ‘wild’ cave, along with an introduction to the Phong Nha National Park, kayaking down a spectacular stretch of the iconic Chay River and unwinding at the Chay Lap Water Sports Center.

This is a wonderful chance for you and your squad to experience a real Vietnam cave adventure tour and witness some marvelous cave formations and enormous passages with underground rivers. During this time, if you’re lucky enough, a natural sunbeam will be seen piercing through and illuminating the cave in a heavenly way.

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  • Hang En Cave is the second largest cave in Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park and the third largest cave in the World, and can be visited on a two days/one night trek for less than $350. It is extremely good value and the cave is outstanding. Average fitness level required – just one big hill to climb on the second day.


  • Son Doong Cave is the world’s largest cave located in the heart of the Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park in Quang Binh province of Central Vietnam. The exclusive Son Doong Expedition is the exlusive journey operated by Oxalis Adventure to Son Doong Cave due to its commitment to technical safety on all its tours, with the price of USD 3,000/person/tour. The price includes one night in Phong Nha before the trek (due to early departure the following morning), one night camping in Hang En Cave, two nights camping at different locations in Son Doong Cave, and one night accommodation in Chay Lap Farmstay & Resort due to potential late return on final day. It also includes the National Park Permit which is upwards of USD 700 per person, all meals, safety and camping equipment as per the inclusions listed on the tour page.